Letter writer says Central Valley voters support pro-life, pro-family issues

Here in the Valley, we want our state representatives to do just what their title implies: “represent” us.

As many Central Valley voters are aware: we are conservative on many of the issues: we are pro-life and pro-family, and we're comfortable with this; we should be proud of ourselves, and no doubt would deserve to sport the bumper sticker:

Life in the Valley

where we proudly support

Faith, Family & Farmers.

I recently received a personal letter from our U.S. Congressman, David Valadao, in which he writes, “As a Catholic, and a father of three, I believe that every human life is precious and should be protected at every stage. . . .  It is the responsibility of those of us in government to give unborn children a voice and protect them from harm.” (As a grandmother, I could just kiss the Congressman's face!) 

Also, the Congressman believes that “no federal tax dollars should be used to promote or provide for abortion,” and he maintains, now listen closely, that “no American should be forced against their own religious beliefs [to perform abortions].” 

(Thank you, Congressman, of course, we shouldn't!)

In summary, I believe that most of us in the Valley would heartily agree that in his pro-life stance, Congressman Valadao represents us to a T.

Our CA state senator, on the other hand, represents somebody completely different than you or me. Senator Hurtado literally (listen to this) co-authored a bill (SB 379), which will force Catholic hospitals to perform abortions*. This quite frankly is absurd. We in the Valley should be appalled. We in the Valley need a new state senator.

Does the Valley have anyone willing to run in the 2022 CA state senate race** who will truly represent us in the beliefs and values we hold dear?

Is there anyone in the Valley willing to stand up for faith, protect our families, and who loves our farming industry?

This “somebody” will clearly receive my support in 2022 (and my bumper sticker idea!), and, hopefully, he or she will receive your support as well.

Debra Bridgford

Californians for Life

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