Local business owner proud of city he grew up in, thanks local leaders and more

Ann and Bob Badasci
Ann and Bob Badasci

Honorable City Mayor, City Manager, and Council Members, I’ve lived in Lemoore my entire life, and it is where I began both my personal and professional journeys. I’ve witnessed the population of Lemoore grow from just a few thousand to over 27,000, and it is still growing.

In the many years I’ve been here, there’s been much to be proud of, and I would like to take a moment to acknowledge it.

Our community is made up of excellent citizens, including those from Lemoore NAS and the town itself. Many of these citizens work for numerous small businesses, as well as major employers like Leprino Foods, Olam, Tachi Palace, and the prisons. Lemoore is a significant contributor of produce and food to the world, thanks to our local farms, dairies, and the expansive cheese factory, Leprino Foods.

We have an exceptional education system, with West Hills College being a standout institution, the Middle College High School, our beautiful high school, all of our elementary schools, with the new addition of Liberty Elementary.

We have an excellent volunteer fire department, police department, and Citizens Academy dedicated to serving the community and ensuring our safety.

We have a diverse range of churches representing various denominations that contribute to our community in various ways.

We even have our newspaper, the Lemoore Leader, that helps keep the community and citizens informed on our town’s businesses, community events, and the happenings around town.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the continuous business and support we have received from our loyal friends and customers throughout the years.

Together we can continue to show Lemoore as the Small-Town Community dedication it is and continues to be with our collective efforts.

Thank you for your time and recognition.


Robert S. Badasci

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