Kings County Sheriff voices support to Hacker for District Attorney

I endorse Sarah Hacker to be the next Kings County District Attorney because she has the intelligence and temperament for the job. I have known Sarah for about 15 years. We worked together on prosecuting gang cases when I supervised the Kings County Gang Task Force and later in 2009 and 2010 when I was a District Attorney Investigator.

Sarah worked side-by-side with investigators by attending witness interviews and putting together cases for trial.  She was enthusiastic to take a case to trial and fight for public safety.  She does not back down to a challenge.  Sarah prosecuted cases fairly.  She advocated for harsh sentences when a defendant posed a risk to our community.  

The Kings County District Attorney must put our community’s safety first.  This means that the DA has to work with all law enforcement to successfully prosecute cases.  The DA has put his own agenda before the interests of the community which has caused friction between the DA's office and our law enforcement agencies.  When the DA puts himself first, public safety is the second priority.  Also, the DA must prosecute based on the evidence.  He cannot prosecute or make plea or diversion agreements based on bias or favor. 

The DA’s Office staff deserve a boost in morale and fairness for all in the workplace.  The current DA is accused of sexual harassment in a lawsuit filed by his former chief investigator, The case is pending in San Bernadino County.  We will not know the outcome of the case before the election. 

I am a backer of Sarah Hacker.  Join me in voting for her on June 7. 

Dave Robinson

Kings County Sheriff

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