Lemoore Police arrest suspected Wells Fargo bank robber

Police arrest suspect in Wells Fargo heist
Police arrest suspect in Wells Fargo heist

The Lemoore Police Department got their man, with a little help from the Santa Ana Police Department. On Tuesday, Lemoore police detectives arrested 24-year-old Dennis Adamson on suspicion of robbing the Lemoore Wells Fargo Bank.

Detectives on Tuesday drove to Santa Ana, California to interview Adamson regarding the robbery at in Lemoore on September 14. Adamson had been arrested bySanta Anapolice officers for robberies that he allegedly committed in and around their city. Adamson told aSanta Anapolice detective that he committed robberies in the central valley as well as robberies in southernCalifornia.

Adamson admitted to the Lemoore detectives that he committed the robbery at Wells Fargo Bank. Adamson said he has a heroin problem and he needed money for drugs and to pay rent. The gun he used, which he said was not a real gun, has not been recovered.

Adamson said he used to live in Visalia but moved to Santa Ana. He said he was in the process of moving back toVisalia.

Adamson said he chose the bank in Lemoore to rob because Lemoore is a small city so he did not think he would get caught. Adamson told the Lemoore detectives that the story and his picture were on the news so fast that he got scared and shaved his head to change his appearance before going back toSanta Ana. He added that he also realized what a tight community Lemoore is and that he had made a mistake by committing the robbery here.

Detectives will be conducting further follow up but do not believe anyone else was involved in the robbery. The case will be submitted to the Kings County District Attorney's Office for prosecution.

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