Sheriff investigators arrest suspect in "body dump" near Laton

Juan Ramon Gonzalez
Juan Ramon Gonzalez

On Tuesday, October 15, Kings County Sheriff's detectives, conducting a follow-up at a residence located in Raisin City, arrested Juan Ramon Gonzalez, 25, of Raisin City, who is suspected of homicide in the death of Jesus “Jesse” Salvador Reyes, whose body was found in Kings County near Laton on October 6.

Gonzalez was initially identified as a "person of interest" in the homicide and "body dump" of Reyes.

Upon arriving at the residence in Raisin City, all occupants were ordered out of the home, and all complied except Gonzalez.  A search warrant was prepared and signed by a judge authorizing entry into the residence and a search of the same.  Upon execution of the search warrant, Gonzalez was located inside.  He was in possession of three firearms and a large marijuana growing operation was found inside. 

Gonzalez was taken into custody and evidence was obtained at the scene implicating Gonzalez to the homicide of Jesus Reyes.  Reyes previously resided at this residence as well.  No other details of the murder can be released at this time since the investigation is ongoing. 

Gonzalez was transported and booked into Kings County Jail on charges of homicide. Gonzalez was determined to be on felony probation and several additional charges may be filed with Fresno County regarding weapons violations and cultivating of marijuana. 

Anybody who has additional information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact the Kings County Sheriff's Office at (559)852-2720, specifically Detective Barsteceanu, Detective Lopes, or Detective Balderama.

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