It's official: Lemoore City Council votes to increase rates at Lemoore Golf Course

Once again the golf course figured prominently in Tuesday night’s council session where councilmembers voted to increase the rates golfers pay to play the course.

They also discussed and tabled a proposed policy set forth by Councilmember Rodarmel to assist but limit the amount of public funds to be used on the golf course in case of a shortfall in the debt payments.

Rodarmel asked that his proposal be on the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting. He is requested the resolution which would create a policy that the city’s general fund would not be used to advance funds to make up shortfalls in the golf course enterprise fund exceeding $100,000.

He was asking councilmembers to set a maximum amount of general fund monies ($100,000 per year) that could be used in the event that the golf course operations has a shortfall, this would include long-term debt, capital improvements, repair costs, or any other expense incurred or projected in any fiscal year.

If there is a projected shortfall in a fiscal year over the $100,000 cap then the city manager would have to seek council approval before any additional general fund dollars could be used on the golf course.

“I want a cap to help pay for it (golf course),” said Rodarmel. He also suggested that the city include a rate increase and an additional amount attached to an increase to create an asset replacement fund.

Councilmembers were presented with a proposal from Golf Course Manager Rich Rhoads for a rate increase on all levels of play. The new rates would include an approximate 10-12 percent increase.

Figures presented to councilmembers indicate that all of Lemoore’s current rates are in some cases significantly lower that most courses, including Visalia’s Valley Oaks Golf Course, a city-owned facility.

For example, Visalia’s 18-hole weekday rate is $28 per found while Lemoore’s is $23. Rhoads recommended an increase to $25 per round. The weekend rate for Visalia is $35. Lemoore’s is $29, prompting a proposed increase to $32.

Despite the proposed increases, Lemoore’s rates will still be less than Visalia.

Rhoads also recommended rate adjustments in the monthly prices, increasing a monthly individual rate to $140 from the current $125. The family rate per month will increase from $170 to $190. The single monthly is still well below Valley Oaks rate of $165.

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