Salas says he will run again for the California State Assembly

Assemblymember Rudy Salas will run for re-election
Assemblymember Rudy Salas will run for re-election

Assemblymember Rudy Salas (D-Bakersfield) today announced his intention to run for re-election representing the 32nd District. Salas has been endorsed by public safety groups such as the California Association of Highway Patrolmen as well as both Democrat and Republican local elected officials for his re-election.

“It has been an honor to serve and represent the 32nd District. During the last year, I fought hard for our communities but there is still much work left to be done,” said Assemblymember Salas. “I look forward to the opportunity to continue to fight for jobs, education, water, veterans, and health services for the Central Valley."

As a freshman legislator, Salas successfully secured $15 million for job training to combat unemployment; fought to successfully bring in additional funds and resources for our local schools; ensured that highly trained doctors will stay in the Valley through AB 565; prohibited veteran employment discrimination via AB 556; successfully secured additional state grant money for Kern and Kings County; and guaranteed that seniors can get the help they need through AB 633.

Fiscal disciple was a trademark of this year’s Assembly - they passed a structurally sound budget that projects a $2.6 billion dollar surplus, pays down $4.2 billion in debt, and sets aside $1.1 billion in a rainy day fund, thus improving the state’s credit rating and saving California half a billion dollars.

In his most recent legislative package, Salas has introduced legislation to combat illegal online gambling sweepstakes cafes and legislation to increase testing of the highly controversial sewage sludge. Salas also coauthored the Clean, Safe and Reliable Water Supply Act of 2014 (AB 2686). This new water bond will focus on long term solutions to the state’s water crisis that both protect California’s agricultural industry and ensure that communities have access to safe drinking water.

Salas is currently leading the effort to restore funding to the Agricultural Education Incentive Grant Program (which funds programs such as Future Farmers of America) through AB 2033, letters to the Governor, and a student letter campaign.

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