Guest Blog: Losing one's moral compass has bearing on citizens

By Bill Black
Guest Blog: Losing one's moral compass has bearing on citizens

What makes us “Americans” also sets us apart from other countries because our value system has been embedded into America’s foundation by our Founding Fathers. Those constitutional liberties of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness translate to healthy communities with respectful interactions, the right to public education, and the right to govern ourselves in an ethical manner.

Our social conscience begins in our homes and communities. Our accepted values recognize the need to respect others, show compassion, be tolerant, and respect common rules and laws. Our locally elected politicians are also expected to set the example by acting in a principled manner.

Because some Lemoore’s City Council members have obviously lost their moral compass, several Lemoore citizens have initiated a recall movement to replace Mayor Billy Siegel. Several blatant lapses in his ethics behavior have resulted in a widespread “loss of confidence” in his abilities to continue on the council. When asked to step down because of his deplorable actions the request met with refusal. The Mayor’s regular occurring ethical lapses in morality and his overwhelming lack of understanding of basic civil rights have led him further down the path of recall.

As volunteers were collecting recall signatures at the Lemoore Save Mart, the Mayor and a friend battered the local manager and the site’s property management company. This is a common tactic used by the Mayor to intimidate any opposition.  Two local police officers then rousted the volunteers who had permission and a legal right to collect recall signatures. Apparently, the property management company has now realized their mistake in “civic judgment” and indicated the volunteers can collect recall signatures on the property. The citizens of Lemoore are now afforded an opportunity to voice their civil conscious by signing a recall petition on the sidewalks of the Lemoore Save Mart/Kmart Mall.      



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