Putting "purpose" back into relics is the goal of new downtown Lemoore business

Brenda Martin, Lynda Lahodny and Kari Deburger run Lemoore's newest business.
Brenda Martin, Lynda Lahodny and Kari Deburger run Lemoore's newest business.

A new business has opened at 242 Heinlen Street, “DÉCOR `A LEMOORE.”  This address was the home of Ramblin’ Rose Florist for the past 25 years.  The popular flower shop, which has consistently been voted “Kings County’s Best Florist,” as well as “Kings County’s Best Business,” was in critical need of increased design space.

This necessity prompted business owners, Chris Brazil and John Miller, to renovate and move into the adjacent storefront at 246 Heinlen Street which had been vacated by Leoni’s Pharmacy.  The expansion has greatly maximized their operational efficiency.

Lynda Lahodny, former owner of cards `a Lemoore, saw an opportunity in the vacant storefront owned by her longtime friends.  When she presented her business plan to Chris and John, they felt that her concept of a “home and garden décor” business would be the perfect complement to their floral business.  They literally “moved mountains” to assist Lynda in transforming and occupying their former business home! 

Lynda’s passion (one of many) is “repurposing” time-worn relics, and turning them into unique pieces of home décor.  She chose the name, “DÉCOR ` A  LEMOORE,” for the same reason she chose the name “cards `a lemoore” twenty-five years ago --- her love of, and strong ties to the community which has been her family’s home since 1981.  Three of her close friends:  Kari DeBurger, Brenda Martin, and Trish O’Halloran, share her “repurposing passion” and encouraged her to take the leap, offering their support.  Although Lynda is the sole proprietor (don’t even get her started on the pitfalls of Business Partnerships), her three friends are her “business associates.”  Between the four talented “repurposers,” the shop has been filled with unique pieces of home décor.  The workroom in the rear of the store, which used to be the floral design area for Ramblin’ Rose Florist, is now the “repurposing” area of DÉCOR A LEMOORE.  Visitors are welcome to visit the workroom and observe the creativity of the four associates (and occasionally Kari’s daughter and Lynda’s grandson --- “repurposers-in-training).  DÉCOR `A LEMOORE also offers workshops aimed at converting the “non-believers,” and providing them with hands-on opportunities to create their own treasures. 

About five years ago, Lynda was introduced to “chalk paint” at the Fresno Home and Garden Show --- “OMG, it changed my life!   My first project was refinishing my mom and dad’s old bedroom furniture which had been ‘antiqued.’  It was ugly as sin, but I just couldn’t let it go.  I am not patient enough to put a lot of time and effort into stripping, sanding, and applying multiple coats of products to refinish a piece of furniture.  I’m more of an ‘instant gratification kind of a gal’.  Plus, I love colors and creating unique pieces ---not always great, mind you, but always unique.  So, after learning about the ease of using chalk paint, I knew that this was the perfect product to use on the old beat up bedroom set.”   

“After five years of purchasing expensive chalk paints for my projects,” she continued, “I started hearing about ‘homemade chalk paint.’  Initially I as a ‘Doubting Dora,’ --- how could anything as magical as chalk paint be replicated?  But, after one particularly expensive trip to a chalk paint distributor, I decided to give it a try.  I discovered that the homemade chalk paint worked every bit as well as the very expensive commercially-produced variety.  My ‘Chalk Painting 101’ workshops at DÉCOR `A LEMOORE will include recipes for making your own paints for less than the cost of a quart of any flat latex paint!  The workshops will also offer a variety of techniques to create unique pieces of décor, even if you think you were last in line when the artistic genes were passed out.”

You can visit www.decoralemoore.com  to see a current schedule of workshops.  Store Hours are:  Tuesday-Friday 10-5:30; Saturday 11-3; closed Sunday and Monday.  

The public is invited to attend the Grand Opening of DÉCOR `A LEMOORE and the Grand Re-Opening of RAMBLIN’ ROSE FLORIST, scheduled for Thursday, May 29th at Noon.  Following Lemoore Chamber ribbon cuttings for both businesses, there will be a “progressive lunch” and tours provided at the three neighboring businesses:  Ramblin’ Rose Florist, DÉCOR `A LEMOORE, and “The Cakery,” owned by Danielle Bellewood.

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