WHC hosts part two of Essential Elements for the Future of the Valley

From West Hills College

Leaders from both the public and private sectors will gather in Coalinga June 12 to spend the day solving problems related to vital energy needs for the Central Valley.

The West Hills Community College District (WHCCD), in partnership with government, business and industry, will host the second in the Essential Elements for the Future of the San Joaquin Valley series, a three-part regional affairs series that will gather California's public policy and private sector leaders to work out solutions to the crises and challenges that confront the state.

There are 13 speakers scheduled and four panels will feature a total of 26 others. All have expertise in their related fields. The day-long series of conversations will be facilitated by the Eaton Cummings Group, a national strategic planning team. The series was designed and sponsored by West Hills Community College District (WHCCD). More than 100 participants attended the first gathering held in March to discuss the solutions to the state’s water shortage.

”Energizing the Valley and Creating Jobs” at the Harris Ranch Restaurant and Inn begins at 8 a.m. and runs into evening. The opening addresses will be delivered by Mike Dozier, Executive Director, Office of Community and Economic Development at CSU, Fresno, and Robert Lapsley, President of the California Business Roundtable.Luncheon speakers are Jim Mayer, Executive Director, California Forward, and Robert Tse, Community Planning and Development Specialist for the USDA’s Rural Development California office.

Some of the speakers will also join the two dozen panelists in sessions that will focus on four topics:

  • Fossil Fuels: Boom or Bust?

  • Renewable Fuels: Can the Portfolio Expand?

  • Herding the Electrons: Grid, Device and Demand

  • Energizing Employment

Dr. Frank Gornick, WHCCD Chancellor, will welcome the participants. “The first event in the series generated some fresh ideas and an action list,” Gornick said. “With the line-up of speakers and panelists for the Energy forum on June 12, we anticipate similar results.”

Stu Van Horn, WHCCD’s Vice Chancellor of Educational Services and Economic Development, is coordinating the event. A final conference is scheduled Sept. 18 on Trade and Logistics.  “In this series we hope to build consensus and initiate integrated, linked actions and alliances with greater coordination and accelerated implementation,” he said. “The series is designed to stimulate those alliances. Our goal is to contribute solutions to the challenges facing the valley by helping to facilitate action,”

For more details and a list of sponsors and panelists, see www.essentialelelements.com

For more information and to participate, visit the website or contact Dr. Van Horn at stuartvanhorn@whccd.edu or (559) 934-2131.


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