Kings County Sheriff's new mailbox for prescription medications available

This receptacle can be used to drop off unwanted prescription medications.
This receptacle can be used to drop off unwanted prescription medications.

The Kings County Sheriff's Office announced the installation of a "prescription medication take back" receptacle located near the walkway between the Sheriff's Administration and Operations buildings.  The receptacle is a refurbished US Mail repository that has re-enforced locks and signage indicating its new purpose.

Many families in Kings County and throughout the area find themselves in possession of prescription medication that is no longer needed.  The storage of these medications pose a huge danger if they fall into the wrong hands.  Unfortunately, KCSO has experienced many incidents in which these medications have been taken and sold, used, or distributed illegally.  Tragically, overdoses have occurred and teenagers have used these medications as "recreational drugs" to experience a "high" or a "pain-relieving" effect.

Anyone wanting to safely dispose of their unused and/or no longer needed medications can bring them to the Sheriff's Office and dispose of them in a safe manner. 

They will remain completely anonymous and may put the medications into a plastic bag rather than the prescription container to eliminate their personal information from being attached. 

In the very near future, a "sharp's disposal" container will be placed at the same location to allow for a safe drop-off site for syringes, needles, or other "sharp" items to be dropped off and safely disposed of.  This receptacle was made possible through a partnership with the Kings County Health Department and the Kings County Sheriff's Office and is being purchased and maintained through the use of grant funds.

Investigative Assistant Erin Anderson was the spearhead of this project.  She identified a need to provide a continuous, safe location for community members to dispose of their unneeded medications.  In the past, one-time annual (or bi-annual) events were coordinated as "prescription medication take back" days, but now this service is available every day.

Any questions should be directed to Investigative Assistant Erin Anderson (852-4362), Commander Don Deeds (852-2781), or Assistant Sheriff Dave Putnam (852-2799).




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