To the Citizens of Lemoore regarding the historic Lemoore High School old gym

The Lemoore High School District has submitted a $24 million bond measure for the November ballot. If passed, designs of the Master Plan are to DEMOLISH THE OLD HIGH SCHOOL GYM.

In our opinion, the gym is an important part of our school and town’s history and should be saved just as the Main Building was in 1968 when residents were faced with a bond issue.

In reviewing past actions of school boards, administration, and town-folk, we learned historic values were foremost in saving LHS’s original buildings. It’s because of those values; all structures are still standing today.  Hopefully our history and our traditions are just as significant now as they were then. We need the citizens of Lemoore to rally once more to save an “original”…. The LHS Old Gym, built in 1924.

We hope together, residents of Lemoore can create a plan to save the Gym. We owe it to our children, grandchildren, and those that come after! How are they to remember what went before if we destroy the artifacts of our lives?" 

We are concerned for our school and some objectives stated in the Master Plan. We realize the importance of a safe and positive environment for our students. We also realize the importance of history and tradition. Demolishing the old Gym should be reviewed.  If demolishing the old Gym is not reconsidered and explained to the people’s satisfaction, then “NO” will be the only option come November. We can be reached at:

Committee to Save the Old Gym!

Melinda Olson  19 N Byron, Lemoore  559 924 9194

Patty Edha

Frankie Valle

Mickey & Jerry Thayer

Phil Loftis

Jackie Blakeley

Bruce Lowe

Gail & Butch Beck

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