Kings County Sheriff declines to 'rub elbows' with controversial Joe Arpaio

By Ed Martin, Editor
Kings County Sheriff Dave Robinson
Kings County Sheriff Dave Robinson

Kings County Sheriff Dave Robinson, a registered Independent, after numerous phone calls and messages regarding his scheduled attendance at a fundraiser for pardoned Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, has dropped out of the Republican “Second Amendment Barbecue” fundraiser on Sept. 29.

“I did get quite a few phone calls,” said the popular Kings County Sheriff. “Because of all the negativity, I just didn’t want to be a part of it. I wasn’t going to rub elbows with Arpaio.”

Arpaio, convicted by a federal judge of criminal contempt when he violated a court order over his Maricopa County department’s profiling and questioning of Hispanic drivers and pedestrians during traffic stops, is scheduled to be the main attraction at the barbecue.

Robinson isn’t the only Republican to decline to attend the fundraiser. According to the Fresno Bee, Sheriff Margaret Mims, who originally asked Robinson to take her place, is not attending, nor is Mayor Lee Brand.

Arpaio has a reputation during his long tenure as Maricopa sheriff for his tactics, was pardoned recently by President Donald Trump.

Robinson said he wasn’t fully aware how controversial Arpaio had become. He’s spent the last few days on the phone talking to people about it.  “It was all supposed to be about the Second Amendment,” said Robinson. That’s originally why he decided to attend this year.

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