No more political propaganda, fake news. Ray Madrigal has earned your vote for District A

I along with Mayor Ray Madrigal are extremely proud and greatly appreciate having the very BEST volunteer fire department serving Lemoore.  The LVFD is staffed by caring, dedicated, and well-trained individuals ready to respond 24/7 to keep us safe.  We are all truly blessed!

At the February 20, 2018, council meeting Ray unequivocally stated, “our objective is to keep this fire department.”  Ray voted to create an administrative position assigned full time to LVFD to assist with vitally important record keeping and training.  He supported the purchase of laptop computers, new training software, and a budget adjustment to replace expired personal protective equipment.       

Elected officials must implement sound policies and best practices to protect from liability even when not politically expedient.  Ray is endorsed by every police chief in Kings County and Sheriff Dave Robinson because he won’t compromise when it comes to public safety.  As a retired CHP Captain, Ray understands leading from the front sometimes makes you an easy target of criticism.  But he leads with strength and resolve, always with the best interests of the citizens of Lemoore in mind, and that is something we can all respect.

Any disharmony among the council is the direct result of one council member’s behavior which has prompted an ongoing recall effort.  Ray’s steadying influence and support of an unprecedented censure have served to ameliorate the discord.  We have all seen first-hand from previous councils how rogue members can disrupt the council and lead us into costly and unnecessary litigation.

Ray did not seek the endorsement of any political party because council seats are non-partisan.  Does a political endorsement mean anything when a candidate changed his party affiliation just weeks before seeking endorsement and did not vote in four of the last nine elections?  This was the case with Ray’s opponent.      

Lemoore’s assets are currently $47 million compared to $42 million two years ago. The general fund reserve is 43%.  Ray advocated for a reserve fund policy of 35% minimum.  This puts Lemoore in the 85th percentile in California.  Ray and the council cut $800,000 from the current budget. These are necessary services residents must do without in order to have a fiscally sound budget.  When city staff asked the council to consider a 1% sales tax increase, Ray was one of four votes against increasing the sales tax.   

I urge you to join me in supporting someone who is clearly the more qualified candidate in Lemoore City Council’s District A race – Mayor Ray Madrigal.

Dr. Jeff Garcia

(Jeff Garcia is a long-standing Lemoore optometrist and owner of Lemoore's Family Eye Care. He is also a former member of the Lemoore Planning Commission and a long-time member of the Kings Lions Club.) 


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