Letter writer says 'No' on Measure K, says city leadership has put city in financial peril

The City of Lemoore Leadership has put you, the citizens, in financial peril as it pertains to the City’s operating budget through poor decisions and a lack of the ability to make tough decisions. What are some examples of bad decisions?

1. Adding an additional level of management to the Police Department when it was clear the income was going south.

2. Adding an assistant city manager. There is no need.

3. Not doing layoffs, furloughs, Golden Handshakes, negotiating pay cuts to reverse the pay increases that they knew they could not afford.

4. Misappropriation of LLMD (Landscaping Lighting Maintenance Districts) funds into general fund duties (what does this mean to you?). If you live in one of the neighborhoods with a block wall around it or the now dirt berm in zone 10 just south of Cinnamon, you're being double taxed and getting screwed.

5. Adding pot sales to your town while removing a recreation department from your children.

What is the solution?

Kings County Sheriff David Robinson is a very intelligent man. Enter into a contract with the Sheriff’s Department. The current Lemoore Police Department could be a substation. This eliminates a huge overhead and more boots on the ground while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Before all of you cry that response times will go down and that there will be chaos in the streets, do you read about riots and mayhem in Riverdale, Laton, or the County? No, you don’t. There may not be enough personnel to do drive-by birthdays for COVID Birthdays, but I’m ok with that.

When you vote this Election Day, ask the candidate if they will remove the current city manager in June, which is as soon as they can legally remove him.

Do your job before you come begging for more money to misappropriate.

No on K!

Thank You,

Joe Simonson

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