Deputies and K-9 forced to subdue suspect under the influence of drugs

By The Leader Staff
Suspect Pablo Palomino
Suspect Pablo Palomino

A Kings County deputy, while patrolling in the area of Christy Lane and Jones Street in Hanford on June 26 at about 9:35 p.m., noticed a subject riding his bicycle in the middle of the roadway without a headlamp. The deputy decided to stop on the subject, identified as Pablo Palomino.

As the deputy spoke with Palomino, the suspect seemed agitated and placed his hands behind him and out of sight. The deputy told the suspect, Palomino, to remove his hands from behind him and then place them on his side. The suspect refused and quickly backed away. At this point, additional deputies arrived on the scene and attempted to stop Palomino from fleeing by grabbing onto him.

Palomino pushed one of the deputies and spun around, attempting to get away.

Another deputy took the suspect to the ground and attempted to place the suspect into handcuffs. Palomino withdrew his hands underneath him toward his waistband. The suspect continued to resist any efforts made to place his hands behind his back.

A K-9 deputy was on the scene and retrieved his K-9 partner, Willie. The deputy warned the suspect, Palomino, telling him if he continued to resist, the dog would bite him.

Believing the presence of the K-9 would convince him to stop resisting, a deputy took a hold of the suspect and attempted to place handcuff him. Palomino continued to fight, at one point kicking a deputy in the stomach. K-9 Willie was deployed and bit Palomino on the leg.

K-9 Willie let go of Palomino and deputies again tried to handcuff the suspect. The suspect, according to reports,  kicked a deputy in the chest, who used the drive stun feature on his Taser on Palomino. Deputies finally placed Palomino into custody.

During a search of the suspect, deputies found approximately three grams of Methamphetamine along with a glass smoking pipe used to ingest controlled substances.

The suspect was also determined to be under the influence of a controlled substance.

Sheriff’s deputies booked Palomino into the Kings County Jail and charged him with resisting arrest by force, being under the influence of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance, and battery on a peace officer. His bail was set at $55,000.

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