Thoughts on the role of government

Over time folks have gotten away from the main purpose of local government to provide the basic necessities like water, sewer, trash, safety, and roads in a cost efficient manner.
  Other community enhancements that may be wanted may no longer be affordable for the government to provide and may require people using a "be a good neighbor" approach.

The harder job of government is knowing the quality of life enhancements that the people want and value, and prioritize its implementation with the funding that is available.  Decision makers are servants of "the people" with the duty to put aside what can financially benefit themselves and their friends and look at every decision based on what is the greater good of all.  Over the years "the people" have become sickened with government officials in general because many laws or budgets or hiring done favors one's self or friends without a fair and transparent process open to all.  What most people want is the fair and equal treatment of all, not special treatment because of the position or status an individual has.

Unfortunately, local government is burdened with many regulations that if not followed could lead to litigation or may actually impact public safety.  Many say there is too much regulation, but they don't identify what specific federal, state, tax laws, air district rules, uniform building and fire codes, or local regulations are the burden.  Once the sources of the regulatory burdens are identified, decision makers need to work to help change those regulations they have control over and petition or try to impact those they do not have direct control over.

Over the next two years, I hope and pray that our decision makers will take to heart their responsibilities.  I hope they will seek to hold town hall meetings to seek the public's vision of what is going well, what is not, and come up with viable solutions or priorities of what is important.  Lemoore generally has a great quality of life with safe walk able streets, safe bike lanes, great parks, few traffic jams, clean shopping areas, reliable infrastructure, and only a few struggling neighborhoods given the limited financial resources available.  The challenge will be how the city moves forward to balance all the various competing interests so at the end of the day we all can have a community we are proud to call home.

Lemoore community member
Holly Smyth

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