Dear Editor: Recall effort ends short of signatures

Today marks the end of the period for gathering signatures to force a recall election for Billy Siegel, Mayor of Lemoore.  Based on the number of registered voters approximately 2300 signatures would have been required and the committee set a goal of 2500 to allow for any signatures that may have been rejected for one reason or another. 

The requirement was almost achieved but not quite, despite harassment by Mr. Siegel on numerous occasions at various signature gathering locations.  Those who did not sign were, for the most part, enthusiastic in their support to oust the mayor for his poor leadership, bad judgment and inappropriate behavior.  Some of the reasons given by those who did not sign were that they were afraid of retaliation and bullying.

The committee is willing to try again in the future if Mr. Siegel’s behavior does not improve significantly.  All signature forms that have been collected will be destroyed and not turned in to the city to protect the privacy of the signers and preclude any attempt at retaliation.

Recall Billy Siegel Committee

Jane Dart

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