The costly financial impact of Cap and Trade

The rural community has borne the brunt of California’s economic downturn, including high unemployment rates and a lingering recession. Now is not the time for the California Air Resources Board to increase the cost of gas and diesel by 16-76 cents per gallon as a part of cap-and-trade regulations.

While the goal of improving California’s environment is important, targeting consumers by increasing fuel prices is the harshest, most vindictive way to do so.

What’s even more troubling about the hidden gas tax is the length at which Sacramento decision-makers have gone to avoid discussing it.  Residents of Central California, this tax increase will happen automatically if politicians say or do nothing.  Ignoring or hiding the real and immediate impacts to consumers should concern business owners, employees, farmers and every single Californian who will pay more at the pump starting January 1, 2015. If you share the same concerns about the impending rise in fuel taxes, please contact your local Assembly Member, State Senator and Governor Jerry Brown.

Graham Mackie

Vice President

Dassel’s Petroleum, Inc.

Hollister, CA; Scotts Valley, CA; Hanford, CA; Lemoore, CA

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