Letter: Council needs calm, reasonable members to serve

The Lemoore City Council has seen enough of incompetence and turmoil. With critical matters pending, such as growth projections based on the forthcoming F-35C at Naval Air Station Lemoore, and vital infrastructure improvements needed, the council must have sound, calm and reasonable members.

For those reasons, and many more, I enthusiastically support Vice Mayor Willard Rodarmel for re-election to what he is describing as his final intended term. He has the knowledge, experience and concern to help Lemoore.

It's too bad there are only two seats open, because there are three very worthy candidates in this race of five contenders.

The next is Mr. Jeff Chedester: a stable, loyal, community-focused family man who has nothing but the best intentions for Lemoore, and who exhibits a patience and consideration for views perhaps not his own.

And then Mr. Mike Montalbano, who brings a wealth of knowledge and on-base connections that would serve well in every aspect of the city's relationship with Naval Air Station Lemoore.

The voters must decide who are the best two.

Regrettably, the other two candidates, in my opinion, lack the dimensions to suitably serve the city. I have attended community forums featuring these two candidates, and they have nothing meaningful to articulate. They are novices in government, with no or extraordinarily limited experience in leadership, and with ideals that have nothing to do with local issues. Thereby, they pose a risk to Lemoore.

I encourage voters to consider Mr. Rodarmel, Mr. Chedester and Mr. Montalbano as voting begins.

Steve Griffiths

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