West Hills College Lemoore students earn STEM scholarships to study Biology, Engineering, Physics, and Math

From West Hills College Lemoore
Four STEM students (out of 20) shown here earned scholarships to study Biology, Engineerng, Physics, and Math.
Four STEM students (out of 20) shown here earned scholarships to study Biology, Engineerng, Physics, and Math.
Photo Courtesy West Hills College Lemoore

West Hills College Lemoore recently awarded National Science Foundation (NSF) S-STEM CORES Scholarships to 20 STEM students studying Biology, Engineering, Physics, and Math. The scholarships, valued at up to $10,000 annually per student ($5,000 per semester) for a maximum of four semesters, are part of WHCL’s commitment to developing future STEM leaders.

Recipient students will find comprehensive support, including a dedicated faculty mentor and complementary tutoring for courses up to Intro To Calculus, monthly cohort meetings and seminars, field trips each semester, and paid research opportunities. Thanks to the scholarship, two students will have the chance to attend regular conferences.

“To be eligible, students must be enrolled at West Hills College Lemoore in a STEM major, exhibit academic dedication, and genuine financial need,” said Kurt Sterling, Dean of Education at WHCL. “Our college wants to make it easier for students to tackle their living expenses and basic needs while focusing on academics. We hope that these scholarships contribute to their success.”

This academic year, the college will distribute nearly $200,000 in NSF S-STEM CORES Scholarships, half of which are being disbursed today. A second distribution is planned for the next semester.

Emily Rocha, a WHCL Biology sophomore and first-time recipient, spoke highly of the scholarship, describing its benefits. “The access to L tutors, myriad STEM opportunities, and activities have been invaluable. I’m also grateful for the MESA program and future internship opportunities.” Next year, Rocha plans to transfer to a four-year university, aiming for a healthcare career.

The president of WHCL, James Preston, added, “Our mission is to remove barriers and provide opportunities. These scholarships are more than just financial aid; they invest in our students’ futures and potential to contribute to the STEM community.

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